Community donations for the needy

by High Bray, Charles & Brayford Methodist Churches

We are planning ahead once again for the Remembrance Day collection of items for the destitute and needy. If you have any blankets, warm clothing, sleeping bags, tents, duvets, medicines that are still in date, sweets, chocolates, nappies, food stuffs, etc., - anything that you feel those in need during the Winter might use, we would be most grateful for them. We then pass them on to a volunteer charity who drives the goods to where they are needed most and dispenses them through local churches in the area.

In addition, the charity is seeking used mobile phones and any loose Euros or foreign currency, or cash donations to assist in paying for the costs of delivery of the items we collect. Any donation will be gratefully received!

We will also be gathering Christmas Shoe Boxes for the elderly and for children in the UK and overseas of items such as: toiletries, flannels, socks, warm gloves, scarves, handkerchiefs, soap, toothpaste & brush, combs, paper, small toys, perfume, etc.. We will need to have the boxes labled for a specific age group and for male and female recipients. Please leave the boxes open so that they can be examined for safety.

Please feel free to get in touch with either Jonathan and Madeleine Brownell (01598 710389) or Gloria and Michael Elson (01271 379131) who will be gathering items for collection by the charity (Computers for Charities) on Remembrance Day – November 11th. We would be grateful if you could have the items available for collection or delivery by the end of October. If you prefer, you can leave your items in the Brayford Methodist Schoolroom Porch in October.