Invitation to EAT 16th December

It is a long time since we’ve been able to share time and space at the monthly ‘Anstey Christians Together’ evenings. Being able to resume as normal isn’t on the immediate horizon and so we feel it is time to do the next best thing and start meeting online through Zoom.

One advantage of a Zoom gathering is that numbers are not limited by the size of a room and so we hope that, as well as ACT members, we will be welcoming others from any of the Edgemoor parishes who may like to share the evening with us. With this in mind, we’ll become EAT online – Edgemoor-AT-home.

So, a date for your diaries – Wednesday 16th December at 7.30p.m. – we hope you’ll be able to join us. Details here.  The meeting will open from 7.15 so people can say Hi to each other before we start. We’ll aim for the gathering to finish at 9 p.m.

Shoring up our Spirits

Since March life has been incredibly stressful and troubling in a variety of ways: in addition to the medical challenges and tragedies and the loss of jobs, the lack of freedom to be with families and friends and not being able to hug those you care for or wish to comfort have been hard to endure.

Those who have faith and prayer have a solid foundation underpinning the way in which we cope with tough times.  In addition, music, poems, films, paintings and closeness to the natural world seem to have yielded welcome extra strength for many. So this will be our focus for our evening – what has helped us and created some sunny spells amidst the seemingly endless dark clouds?

If you have something that you have found uplifting and sustaining, be it a creative work of some kind or an experience, please email Sue ( with the details  If it is something that needs to be read, please say whether you are happy to read it yourself on the night or prefer to delegate that to one of us. If it is music or a clip of some kind, please include the You Tube address if you have it.